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Getting Licensed
I’m licensed in one state and want to get licensed in another. How do I do that?
Where can I get my real estate license?
Will I have a real estate license after I take the pre-licensing course?
Why do I have to take a pre-license course to obtain a real estate license?
How long does it take to get a real estate license?
What is the difference between a salesperson and a broker?

Qualifying for a License
Can I get a real estate license if I have a conviction or criminal act on my record?
How do I get my fingerprints done?
How do I find a broker to sponsor me?

State Licensing Exam
Where do I take my state license exam for real estate?
State Licensing Exam Proctoring and Providers

Continuing Education
What should I know about Colibri Real Estate CE?
How can I access my CE courses?
Why would I enroll in continuing education at Colibri Real Estate?
How will this benefit Colibri Real Estate partners?
How does offering CE fit into the vision for Colibri Real Estate?
Why does my state not offer CE on Colibri Real Estate?
How is Colibri Real Estate CE different from McKissock CE?
Why does Colibri Real Estate now offer CE?
What is the timing for the launch in individual states?
Will every state immediately start selling Colibri Real Estate CE?
What does the extended California renewal deadline mean for me?
How do I get my continuing education completion certificate?
Can I take real estate courses on the Internet to complete my continuing education requirements in my state?
What is the Colibri Real Estate ADA policy for continuing education?
Do I have to take tests during the Continuing Education courses?
How long will it take to finish a Continuing Education course?

Payment Information
What are my payment options?
Is financial aid available to take courses from Colibri Real Estate?
Where do I enter my promo code?
Groupon: Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Proof of Purchase
How can I obtain a duplicate receipt for the courses I purchased? I did not print out or lost my receipt.
How do I obtain/approve the release of my student records?

Getting Started
I completed my enrollment but don’t see any courses listed on my homepage. How do I access my course?
What if I decide I want to withdraw from the course after I’ve enrolled?
How do I get started on my course?
Will I receive a textbook or any other materials when I enroll in a course?
How can I obtain a hard copy of the Principles of Real Estate Practice eBook?

Course Information
How long will it take me to complete my real estate pre-licensing course?
Do I have to take my real estate pre-licensing course in a classroom?
When does my course begin – at the time of enrollment or when I access the course for the first time?
What kind of assistance is available if I have trouble understanding the course content?
How much time do I have to spend in a course?
How long do I have to complete a licensing course?
How do I keep track of the time I spend in my course?
After starting a section of the course can I leave and log back in and return to the place where I left off in the course?
Once I start a course will I be required to stay online for a certain amount of time?
What will I be learning while I am taking the pre-licensing course?
How can I listen to my real estate course online?

Quizzes and Exams
What if I don’t get a passing score on the final examination?
How do I know if I am learning the necessary information to pass my real estate pre-licensing exam?
Why are the answers to the math questions given in the practice exams?
How can I skip to the quiz if I want to retake the quizzes? I don’t want to have to page through all the screens to access those again.
Course Final Exam Proctoring
If I fail my final exam, can I review the questions I got wrong to prepare for my next attempt?
If I fail my pre-licensing course quiz, can I go back and review the course material before taking the quiz over again?
I failed all my chapter quiz attempts. What do I do next?
What do I do if I am ready to take the exam but the course will not give me access?

Course Completions and Reporting to Regulatory Agencies
Do I get a verification of completion once I finish the course?
Are my course completions uploaded to the state?
When does my completion certificate expire?