North Carolina Real Estate School

Start your real estate journey with our sister school, Superior School of Real Estate, when you enroll in pre-licensing courses developed by local experts. Superior has licensed more North Carolina brokers than any other real estate school in the state.

At Colibri Real Estate, teamwork makes your dream work. 

At Colibri Real Estate, teamwork makes your dream work. Which is why we joined forces with a top North Carolina real estate school — because you deserve the best, and nothing less.

Your success is our No. 1 priority, which is why we provide industry-leading courses, multiple ways to learn, instructors with local expertise, and a pathway to success.

Here’s why you can trust Superior with your real estate education:

  • Get a real estate education your way: Choose from in-person classes, self-paced online courses, or livestream classes.
  • Learn from real estate experts with experience in your local market.
  • Enjoy customer support from academic advisors, available five days a week.
  • Enter exam day with total confidence with Superior’s exam prep program.
  • Meet your instructors and connect with other industry experts during our regular Career Night events.

About Superior School of Real Estate

Superior is a leading North Carolina provider of qualifying and continuing education, helping thousands of area licensees and realtors advance their career year over year. Through expert instructors, highly rated courses, and professional development, we seek to guide and nurture North Carolina’s aspiring and seasoned brokers. It’s our belief that, when students are taught by insightful, engaging instructors, the learning experience becomes truly special — and that’s one tradition we’ll always stick to.

About our partnership

Superior and Colibri Real Estate are members of the Colibri Group family, which provides unmatched career education solutions. Together, we work to ensure North Carolina’s real estate students get exactly what they need to succeed in the industry.

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