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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Starting a new career means working with industry experts to guide you through it. Our real estate teachers provide years of expertise, relative to your area, to ensure a first-time pass on your exam — and success in your local market.

Read this article to learn how to become a real estate agent in the US.

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How to Get Your Real Estate License in 9 Steps

No matter which state you live in, you need to follow these basic steps to get your real estate license:

Know your state’s requirements

The first step in learning how to become a real estate agent is to research your state’s pre-license course requirements. Each state is different so it’s important that you pay attention to which courses are required for your state.

View real estate license requirements by state.

Choose the right school

ARELLO-accredited real estate schools offering pre-licensing courses specific to your state should be selected. You should consider if you prefer an online or classroom experience.

There are 5 key questions to ask before choosing a real estate school in order to make a more informed decision.

Complete your required pre-licensing coursework

Your pre-licensing coursework and exam will have to be completed prior to taking the real estate licensing exam. Determine how much your pre-licensing coursework will cost so you set aside the money or obtain financing to cover the costs.

Prepare for your pre-licensing exam

Your online course exams will be online and studying for them does not have to be intimidating. Our real estate exam prep program can help you prepare for the topics that will be on your state’s license exam. Our study hacks can help maximize your time and your success the exam.

Apply for and schedule your state real estate exam

You’ll need to obtain transcripts or a certificate of your passed course in order to sign up for the state licensing exam. Application fees are about $25. Third-party testing centers usually administer state exams, so check with them for exam times, dates, location, parking, and any materials needed on exam day.

Select a real estate broker that’s right for you

Depending on your state, you may be required to be sponsored by your broker in order to take the real estate exam. Choosing your broker may happen at this stage, or it may happen later, once you pass your test and are ready to start working. Selecting a broker to work for is one of the biggest steps of your real estate career. Your broker can influence how you get paid, how much you earn, your niche and what resources are available to help you advance in your career. Make sure you do your research on this step and find a broker who truly meshes with your goals.

Take and pass your state licensing exam

After you earn your real estate license, you should consider membership in state and local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) as well as the National Association of REALTORS®. These organizations are valuable networking tools and professional resources. Members are able to attend national conferences and get access to valuable research that can help you stay updated on trends and best practices in your niche.

Join professional real estate organizations

A handful of states require you to complete real estate post-licensing coursework within the first 6–12 months after you obtain your real estate license. Don’t let this slip from your radar.

Complete real estate post-licensing coursework

Taking and passing your state licensing exam is one of the most important steps on our checklist of how to become a real estate agent.

A handful of states require you to complete real estate post-licensing coursework within the first 6–12 months after you obtain your real estate license. Don’t let this slip from your radar.

NOTE: Some states require that you get fingerprinted, complete a background check, or have Errors and Omissions Insurance on hand before you can take your state exam. Before you take your exam, ask the testing center what documents you’ll need to have on test day.

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How Much Time You Should Spend Studying for the Real Estate Licensing Exam?

Time is valuable, and we know you don’t have any of it to waste. Set yourself up for success by studying regularly throughout the entire course rather than waiting until the week before the exam. If you review and repeat the information, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key course concepts.

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