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How Long is the Real Estate Exam in Vermont?

The test durations for the real estate license exams in Vermont are as follows:

Salesperson: 2.5 hours – 100 multiple choice questions.
Broker: 2.5 hours – 100 multiple choice questions.

How many questions are on the Vermont real estate license exam?

The Vermont Real Estate License Exam consists of multiple choice questions based on the 40-hour pre-licensing curriculum. Below are the number of questions generally included in Vermont:

Salesperson: 100 multiple choice questions.
Broker: 100 multiple choice questions.

Is the Vermont real estate licensing exam multiple choice?

Yes, Vermont real estate license exam consists of multiple choice questions.

What score is needed to pass the Vermont real estate licensing exam?

You need 75% to pass your Vermont real estate license test.

Can I take the Vermont real estate exam online?

Yes, you can take the real estate license exam online (or at one of the approved locations throughout Vermont).

How do I take the Vermont Salesperson licensing examination?

The State examination is administered by PSI. Candidates can register for their examination here. The Vermont Real Estate Salesperson Examination consists of a national and a state portion. The total time allowed for both portions of the examination is four hours. The questions on the two portions will be intermixed and will not appear as separate sections.

If you pass the examination, you will receive a score report and instructions for applying for a license. Examination results are forwarded to the Vermont Real Estate Commission to be used as one of the criteria for determining eligibility for licensure. If you do not achieve a passing score, your score report will indicate your scores and reapplication instructions. If you pass only one portion, you will have one opportunity to take the failed portion within the next six (6) months. After a second failure or after six months you must take both portions of the examination again .

The minimum score required to pass the multiple-choice portions is determined by using a process known as the Angoff method, in which subject-matter experts estimate the difficulty of each item on the examination for the “minimally competent practitioner” (MCP). These judgments are averaged to determine the minimum passing score, which represents the amount of knowledge an MCP would likely demonstrate on the examination.

A statistical process called “equating” is used to ensure consistency in the meaning of the score required to pass an examination. If the raw passing score varies slightly between different versions (or “forms”), the level of knowledge required to achieve the passing score remains the same, thus assuring that all candidates are treated fairly.

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