FAQs: General Questions

Find answers to your questions about Colibri Real Estate.

FAQs About Our Name Change

Q: Why did Colibri Real Estate changing its name?

A: Real Estate Express started with a mission to help real estate students launch their careers. To date, we’ve helped millions of people enter the profession, but we aren’t stopping there. To reflect who we are and the future we are building in real estate education, we’ve launched Colibri Real Estate. We have a new name with the same mission: lead people to achieve more in their careers.

Q: What will become of Real Estate Express?

A: Real Estate Express is now Colibri Real Estate. Everything you know about Real Estate Express is still the same, it’s just under a new roof: Colibri Real Estate.

Q: Who is Colibri Real Estate?

A: As a leading education company for industry professionals, we provide real estate’s most comprehensive, flexible learning solutions. To date, Colibri Real Estate has helped millions of individuals start or advance their real estate careers. We are the future of real estate education.

Q: What do customers stand to gain from this change?

A: Our name has changed, but the same focus on success remains. With Colibri Real Estate, expect the same unwavering commitment to your success through instructors you know and love, plus the most flexible options to support your learning goals.

Q: What do future students stand to gain from this change?

A: We’re here to help you succeed, yesterday as Real Estate Express and today as Colibri Real Estate. Pass your exam and launch your career in real estate with a dedicated partner that has served millions of real estate professionals.

Q: How will this benefit brokers and partners?

A: Students, working professionals, and broker clients will have access to tools — like market-best and relevant content — that will inspire personal and brokerage growth to meet and exceed licensure expectations. That’s the power of Colibri Real Estate.

Q: What will happen to my existing course? Will I see any changes to the dashboard or course experience?

A: Existing students, breathe easy. At this time, the logo and branding will be the only changes to course experience and dashboard.

Q: Will all students in every state immediately take courses under the Colibri Real Estate brand?

A: In most states, new students will buy courses from Colibri Real Estate that will also be delivered and certified by Colibri Real Estate. In a few states, new students will buy a course from Colibri Real Estate that’s delivered by Colibri Real Estate.

Have questions about your state? Reach out to customer service to learn more.

Q: If I was already working on courses, who do I finish my courses with? What will happen to my certification?

A: Existing students in most states will finish their courses and receive certifications from Colibri Real Estate after the name change. In California and Hawaii however, students will finish their course and receive certifications from Colibri Real Estate.