Follow These 17 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts

The Internet has become the go-to resource for would-be homeowners as they prepare to purchase a home and real estate agents need to be making the most of it—including using Instagram—to market to potential clients.

Yet there still aren’t many real estate agents who are actively using social media to market their listings. According to research, while 91 percent of real estate professionals use social media in some way, only 9 percent of real estate agents market their listings using it. Yet 83 percent of all homebuyers surveyed said they want to see pictures of a property online, and 42 percent said looking at homes online was their first step toward buying a house.

If you need some inspiration when it comes to how to use your Instagram to reach your clients or to stay on top of real estate trends, take a look at our 18 favorite Instagram accounts.

17 Best Real Estate Agents on Instagram To Follow

For a mix of lifestyle and real estate, we recommend Bryan Casella whose Instagram and YouTube strategy has netted him followers in the hundreds of thousands.

We love how Joyce Rey updates her profile with professional photos of her listing. She also makes the most of Instagram videos by adding those in whenever she has them (the drone shots are awesome).

Chad Carroll’s Instagram is unique because he adds his contact information straight into the captions of every listing.

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Did you know the National Association of Realtors® has its own Instagram account? It’s full of helpful facts and statistics that can help your real estate career.

Follow Zillow and read their captions for interesting ways to increase engagement on posts about your listings. You can see in many of their captions they enjoy having fun with their audience.

Matthew Sweat is a photographer and real estate agent who uses his photography skills to highlights homes and neighborhoods he finds picturesque. 

Dusty Baker does a great job of integrating details of his personal life and bringing in successes from his journey as a real estate professional into his social media presence.

We might have just included this handle in the post because of the absolutely beautiful Hawaii scenery it showcases. Just kidding—it’s educational too. If you’re looking for ways to inspire your customers and build an audience without necessarily hard-selling them on Instagram, then you can follow this approach.

Loida does a good job of talking about her successes on her profile, as well as posting the occasional inspirational quote.

This Instagram account is good for unique renovation details that you might not think of. They have plenty of before and afters.

Everyone needs some comedic relief on their real estate journey. That’s what this account is for.

Sarah has done a great job on this account of bringing in her sense of personality while creating a lifestyle account that gives details of her career, inspiration, and some personal life photos.

Charlie includes plenty of bright photos of his listings and relevant information from around the neighborhoods.

Lance is known for making collages out of his listings, adding several photos from the inside into one. It’s an idea you might consider using as part of your strategy.

This account chronicles the journey of flipping a house. Bill takes photos of the details and gives followers plenty of before and after photos to be amazed by.

For when you need to import some luxury into your day — even if you’re not in the luxury real estate market, these photos will give you plenty of inspiration. 

Want more tips on how to boost your online presence as a real estate agent? Check out our post: 50 Topics for Your Real Estate Blog.

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