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Key Changes Mandated by the NAR Lawsuit Settlement

This blog series attempts to break down the recently proposed NAR settlement and its impact on the industry. In this article, we provided background information on the case that led to the settlement, which still needs court approval. Now, let’s dive deeper into the changes outlined in the proposed settlement.

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Key Changes Mandated by NAR’s Proposed Settlement

In addition to the nearly half-billion-dollar settlement that the NAR will pay in installments, the proposed settlement includes the following mandates:

  • Listing agents are prohibited from advertising offers of compensation to buyers agent in the MLS.
  • Buyers agents who are REALTOR®️ members will be required to enter into written buyer agency agreements with the buyers before providing them brokerage services.

As you can see, increased transparency is the goal of these proposed rules. However, there are no changes in regard to commission rates. It is expected that the rates will adjust accordingly according to your services, consumer preferences, and the free market.

What the Proposed Changes Mean to Prospective Real Estate Agents

As you can see, the proposed changes do not reduce the need for licensed real estate agents. Nor do they change the licensing requirements for agents or brokers. We are staying abreast of this developing story and will make necessary changes to our curriculum should the need arise. 

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