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The Top Five States to Have a Real Estate License in 2010

Real estate sales have slowed since the expiration of the federal tax incentive. Some areas continue to struggle as the economy begins its recovery. Experts predict that some areas may continue to see declining numbers over the short term. However, there are parts of the country that are expected to have a strong rebound in the coming years. According to a study by Fiserv and Moody’s Economy, a handful of states are anticipated to see price increases of over 30 percent by 2014. That makes these the top five states to have a real estate license.

#5: Nevada

Coming in at number five on the list is Nevada. Although Nevada is not expected to see its home prices begin to turnaround until the second quarter of 2011, the forecast for 2014 is a 31.6% price increase. The largest price increases are anticipated in the Carson City area.

#4: California

California made the list at number four. In California, home prices are expected to reach their trough by the end of 2010, but by 2014 they are expected to go up 31.7%. The Napa metro area will see some of the biggest price increases in the state.

#3: Michigan

Michigan is number three on our list of the top five states to have a real estate license. Michigan is expected to see its tough times continue through the second quarter of 2011. Then they should start to rebound by the end of next year. Increases are forecast at 33.1% by 2014, with the most growth expected in the Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn metro area.

#2: Oregon

Oregon, especially the Bend metro area, should expect prices to increase by 33.6% over the next four years, once they have reached trough in the first quarter of 2011. This means Oregon is anticipated to have the second-best price increases by 2014, making it number two among the top five states to have a real estate license.

#1: Washington

Washington State topped the list with an anticipated 44.7% price increase by 2014. The most significant price increases should be seen in the Bremerton-Silverdale metro area.

A word on the current housing market

No matter what state you’re located in, the housing market rebound is imminent. With such growth expected in the housing market in the coming years, there’s a lot of opportunity brewing all over the country for people with a real estate license. If you’re looking for some career stability in an unstable economy, real estate may be just the answer you are looking for.

How to become an agent in the top five states to have a real estate license

Real estate courses can usually be completed in just a matter of weeks in any state. With the availability of online real estate schools and coursework on your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, you could complete your real estate training even faster. The cost of real estate courses are much less than the education required for other careers with comparable income potential. In most cases, it will cost you under $1,000 to become licensed in any of the top five states to have a real estate license.

Real estate is one of the most convenient and affordable career paths you will find anywhere. While the market is slowly inching toward recovery, now is the ideal time to earn a real estate license and be ready to reap the rewards when the housing market takes off.