The Most Unpopular Career Decision You’ll Ever Make

Why in the world would anyone even suggest that real estate could offer a great career opportunity today? Unemployment skyrocketed in 2009 and although improvement is expected in 2010, no one believes it’s going to happen fast.  In the mean time, millions of people are out of work and looking new careers.  With the downturn in the housing market you might think getting your real estate license would be one of the last things you’d want to consider, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Although the housing and lending markets helped lead us into our economic downturn we are seeing some very positive signs that things are turning around. Making a decision to invest in something (especially your career) when it is “down” is very difficult.  It goes against our basic instincts.  We’d rather look for the “hot” field and go into that.  The truth is that once something is “hot” it’s usually too late.  Take the real estate market as an example.  We all remember what it was like just a few years ago.  Everyone was buying homes and prices were going up dramatically every month.  Things were very, very HOT!  And then what happened?  The real estate market bubble burst. So why would a real estate career be a good choice today?  The real estate market is stabilizing and many areas are already seeing home prices rise.  This blog is filled with articles that discuss this very issue.  We’ll add fresh perspective, news and real estate career information just about everyday so check back often or subscribe to our RSS feed for fast breaking news!