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Orange County California Home Sales Up!

With all the great real estate news happening in California right now, there is even more on the horizon for those in the prestigious Orange County real estate market. The tax incentives for buyers have been extended while home prices and interest rates are at all time lows. The climate is right for people to make the move into home ownership and the latest figures are evidence that they are taking advantage of it. Home sales in the some areas of the county are up more than 40% and that is amazing news for home owners, and even better news for those people with their California real estate license.

The South Coast of Orange County, California is an exclusive beach front area that consists of the cities of Dana Point, Laguna Beach and San Clemente. This part of the county had a total of 161 home sales for the time period beginning on November 4, 2009 and ending on December 4 2009. This 22 business day interval represents a sales increase of 44% from this same time period last year. This is convincing proof that the prominent South Coast real estate market has begun to make its long awaited turnaround.

Getting your California real estate license is about to become easier than ever before. The state has begun to roll out an electronic testing system that will allow those people wishing to get a real estate license to take their licensing exam via computer. The results will be available immediately upon completion of the test and if a passing score is received, an interim license can be printed on the spot.  And of course all of the state-approved online California real estate license courses you’ll need are available here at RealEstateExpress!

Of the five zip codes that make up the South Coast region, the average home price is around $720,000.00. Consider that the average commission on a sale when you have a real estate license is conservatively 2%. That brings the sales commission for the average home in the South Coast area to over $14,000.00 per home. With 161 sales in 22 business days, the income potential is beyond anything that you could possibly imagine.

California State offers some of the best programs for first time home buyers in the country. The federal tax incentives that brought about the wave of first time home buyers fueling the real estate market turnaround have now not only been extended through the first quarter of 2010, but expanded to include a credit for existing home owners who want to change their primary residence. The continued incentives promise to maintain the rate of buyers flooding the market, making it a fantastic time to have a California real estate license. As any successful real estate agent can tell you, more buyers in the market creates greater opportunity for income potential.

The increasing number of home sales is translating into price stabilization in the housing market. Now that the home prices have begun to stabilize, their value will once again begin to increase supporting higher sales prices. Higher home prices equal larger commissions for those with a valid California real estate license. More customers and higher commission mean that at a time where many people are struggling to make ends meet with a job, if you have a California real estate license you are poised to make a great deal of money in the coming year.

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