Lower Unemployment Rates are Good News for Real Estate

The recent high unemployment levels have been devastating to homeowners trying to stay out of foreclosure and potential home buyers hoping to qualify for some of the lowest interest rates in history.  There was little chance that the real estate market could make a significant recovery with unemployment levels at their highest levels in decades. As the first quarter of 2011 passes us by, and the unemployment levels continue to drop, the real estate market will continue to improve. Lower unemployment rates are good news for real estate, and good news for real estate is great news for careers with a real estate license.

Those who make a living buying and selling real estate know that unemployment and the real estate market greatly affect each other. Without a secure source of income, people cannot think about buying a home or an investment property, no matter how amazing interest rates and home pricing may be. Even though people may wish that they could take advantage of the fantastic deals in the real estate market, unemployment is an obstacle that cannot be overcome when it comes to financing, especially in light of the strict new standards put in place since the mortgage crisis. Now that unemployment  levels are down, spending will rise as those individuals who are finding secure employment rush to take advantage of the best pricing and lowest mortgage rates in history.

Many people that are seeking a new career path have learned of the income potential and financial security in a career with a real estate license.  Online real estate schools allow people to complete the required real estate training and earn your real estate license in a matter of weeks. In addition to that, getting your real estate license and taking the required real estate courses can be done at a fraction of the cost of traditional college courses. In fact, real estate is one of the very few career options where it is possible to pay off your entire education cost with your very first commission earned.

The Department of Labor predicts a 14% increase in available jobs in the real estate sector over the coming years. One very real reason for the need for new real estate licensees is that a good deal of those people working with their real estate license today are older and expected to retire out of the work force. With an increase in available employment and the ease and low cost of the required real estate training and licensure, there is no denying the opportunities present in the housing market. For anyone who has ever considered a career with a real estate license, now is a great time to make the change.

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