Easing Buyers Fears with the California Home Buyer Protection Program

The California Association of Realtors has released a new program aimed at easing the fears of potential homeowners who a reluctant to buy a home in case they lose their job. The Home Payment Protection program allows sellers to contribute to insurance plans that will  cover up to $1500.00 per month of a buyer’s mortgage payment for up to six months should they lose their job within 12 months of the close of escrow.

Although the concept of mortgage protection insurance is not a new one, this is the first time that is has been used as a selling point for buyers. Sellers that participate in the program advertise it along with their home hoping to motivate those buyers who are still leery of California’s shaky job market. With more than 12% of the state currently out of work, the job market is an obstacle that has many people on the fence even with the incredible affordability and low interest rates. This added security may be enough to alleviate that anxiety and get those buyers off the fence and into the housing market.

Even with unemployment rates above the national average, the California real estate market is expected to be among those states leading the way in real estate growth. The anticipated growth in the real estate market is creating a number of opportunities for those who have a California real estate license, as well as opportunity for anyone looking for a new career. With the real estate market rebound just beginning, there is plenty of time to get your start in California real estate.

California requires only 135 hours of real estate training in order to apply to take the California real estate license exam. The real estate courses are available through online real estate schools, leaving you in complete control of how much of how little time it takes you to finish. At RealEstateExpress.con the course materials are available for you to study 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The cost of the education required is less than what books alone would cost you for many college courses. There are not a lot of career options that can offer the type of income potential that a California real estate career can offer without a college degree; and no other career path that could have you earning commissions you never thought possible in just a few short weeks and for just a couple of hundred dollars.

California will be leading the way as the real estate market moves toward recovery. Starting your real estate training now can ensure that you will be ready to hit the ground running as the housing market rebounds. Even with the holiday season right around the corner, there is plenty of time to start 2011 with a California real estate license and a brand new career with unlimited possibilities.