Bay Area Leading California’s Housing Market Recovery

California Association of Realtors says the San Francisco Bay Area is leading California’s real estate recovery. One reason for this is that there are fewer subprime loans in the Bay Area than in many harder hit areas of the country. While many areas are still waiting for the home prices to begin to rebound, many neighborhoods around the San Francisco area are already seeing increases. The first week of October 2010 shows average listing prices up as much as 44% in some Bay Area housing markets. This is good news for California homeowners, and fantastic news for anyone who makes their living with a California real estate license.

California’s housing market recovery has presented a great opportunity for anyone looking to begin a new career. Earning a California real estate license is not as complicated as you might think; in fact it is one of the quickest career paths to begin. There is no college degree required to earn your real estate license in California. The educational requirements to earn a California real estate license are 135 hours of real estate courses. These are broken down into three 45 hour sections; real estate principles, real estate practice, and 45 hours of elective courses to be chosen from a list of approved courses in areas such as finance, property management, mortgages or another topic related to the real estate industry.

Not only are the educational requirements to earn a California real estate license easy, they are also affordable. For just a couple of hundred dollars you can get all of the required real estate training to be eligible to take the California real estate license exam. For less than the materials needed for a single college course you could be well on your way to an incredible career in California real estate.

Getting the real estate training necessary to earn a California real estate license is also more convenient than you could imagine. Online real estate schools offer access to the required real estate courses 24 hours a day from any computer with access to the internet. If you cannot get to a computer, some online real estate schools have made their courses available from any device with an internet browser. Now real estate courses and exams can be accessed on your iPhone, Blackberry, or other Smartphone with Android technology and there are no apps required.

The Bay Area is leading California’s housing market recovery, and the rest of the state is sure to follow over the next few years. Now is a perfect time to get the training you will need to seize the opportunity that a rebounding housing market has to offer.

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