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A New Need For California Real Estate Agents

In the wake of the real estate market crisis over the last few years, the California Department of Real Estate has announced that the number of real estate licensees has dropped more than 10% from the peak of 548,000 just a couple of years ago. Of the just over 490,000 current licensees, it is thought that only about half are currently practicing. The drop in the number of practicing real estate agents and the increasing business due to the economic recovery are creating incredible career opportunities for those who earn their California real estate license.

Even with the federal tax incentive for home buyers coming to an end, property affordability and low interest mortgage rates are proving to be incentive enough to generate a tremendous amount of market activity. As the nation’s economy continues to gain strength more individuals will gain the personal economic stability to purchase a home. These individuals will want to move quickly to take advantage of low pricing. The added business will lead to price increases and that will drive more sellers into the market. The long awaited real estate market recovery is here and if you have a California real estate license, it is getting ready to pay off in a big way.

The low home prices in California are opening doors to homes that some buyers had previously been priced out of. Many buyers will be looking to take advantage of this amazing affordability and the opportunity to purchase their piece of the California lifestyle, and these buyers will be in need of licensed real estate professionals to find them the home of their dreams. The increasing number of buyers and sellers will mean an increased need for California real estate licensees. What many people do not realize is that starting a career in California real estate is an easy and convenient process.

Earning a California real estate license can take less than a month with the online real estate schools available. The required 135 hours of real estate courses can be completed 24 hours a day 7 days a week at whatever pace and schedule is comfortable for you. For those looking to embark on a new career path through education, earning a California real estate license can have you earning commissions for less money and in less time than one semester of a traditional college. With the increasing demand for real estate professionals in an improving economy, a career in California real estate can be thriving in a matter of weeks.

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