A Great Time to Have a Nevada Real Estate License

The economy is still struggling in many areas around the country. Unemployment is still a huge issue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of Nevada has the highest unemployment in the country at 14.3%, well above the national average. Ironically, the state that has the most unemployment in the country is also one of the states that will have the most opportunity in the coming years to start a prosperous new career with a real estate license.

Although Nevada’s housing market is slowly coming back to life, the experts anticipate that Nevada will see major price increases in the next few years. In fact, Fiserv and Moody’s Economy report that Nevada will be one of the top five states expected to see price increases by 2014. It is a great time to have a Nevada real estate license.

Nevada real estate license requirements are simple. You must be at least 18 years of age and be prepared to undergo a background check that will require two sets of fingerprints. The real estate training necessary to take the Nevada real estate license exam consists of 90 course hours in real estate practices, real estate principles, and real estate law. To qualify to sit for the exam you must earn a score of at least 75% on the final exam for the real estate course within five years of when you are scheduled to take the Nevada real estate license exam.

The real estate courses that are needed can be taken through an online real estate school so they can be tailored to your schedule. For those who do not always have access to a computer, real estate courses are also available on the iPhone, Blackberry, or any Smartphone with Android technology; with no apps required. If you consider that the cost of getting a real estate license is just a few hundred dollars, including the cost of your education, getting a Nevada real estate license is the most affordable career move you could ever make.

No other career offers the income generating potential for so minimal an investment of time and money. No other industry is anticipating the kind of growth that is expected in the real estate market in the years to come, especially in the state of Nevada.  Now is a great time to get a Nevada real estate license.

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