The Pros and Cons of Selling Properties Near a Cemetery

In the course of your career as a real estate agent, you may be tasked with marketing properties near a cemetery. You could simply add a tongue-in-cheek description that the property is in a “quiet neighborhood.” Or should you be upfront about the property’s location? After all, there are some benefits of living near a graveyard.

Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living near a cemetery so you know how to advise your real estate clients.

Benefits of Properties Near a Cemetery

There are benefits to owning a home near a graveyard. You don’t have to be obsessed with Halloween and all things spooky to appreciate this unique location. 

Here are some of the benefits of properties located next to a cemetery.

The homeowner won’t have to worry about any changes to the neighborhood.

Remind your client that when they buy a home – especially one surrounded by green space – there are no guarantees that additional residential or commercial developments won’t disrupt the quiet neighborhood. But, when you buy a home near a cemetery, the likelihood of change is small.

Most cemeteries are quiet and peaceful.

All jokes aside, living near a cemetery is fantastic if you value quiet neighborhoods. Yes, there will be services in the cemetery – and visitors – but for the most part, people remain subdued while visiting a graveyard and speak in hushed tones. 

Most cemeteries are professionally maintained.

For the most part, cemeteries are beautifully landscaped and well-maintained. There’s no guarantee that your other neighbors will keep mowing their grass and maintaining their landscaping.

Many people like walking in cemeteries.

Cemeteries often have well-maintained walking paths or roads. Many people find walking in a cemetery more pleasant than a sidewalk along a busy street. 

Not only is strolling through a cemetery more peaceful, but walking among graves sometimes can put the mind at rest. Seeing a cemetery can act as a reminder that life is short.

Homes near cemeteries may be more affordable.

Because a certain percentage of the population would not want to live next to a cemetery, homes nearby typically are more affordable. A buyer may be able to afford a nicer, larger home near a cemetery than if the house was a few blocks away. 

Drawbacks of Properties Near a Cemetery

Are you ready to look for a property near a cemetery – or at least advise your client to consider a property next to one? Before you do, consider the drawbacks of living in this unique location.

Some people are squeamish around cemeteries.

Your buyer’s friends and relatives may think they are crazy for buying a house near a cemetery. Some people don’t want to see a constant reminder of death from their backyard. For some, seeing a cemetery acts as a reminder of the grief they experienced when losing a loved one. 

Even if your buyer is “to grips” with death – their visitors may not be. 

The property value of a home near a cemetery will forever be affected by its location. 

In the previous section, we stated that buyers may be able to afford a nicer, bigger house if they purchase one next to a cemetery. 

But the converse side of that argument is that they may not be able to make as much of a profit when they sell the property. A house near a cemetery is typically valued at 12.3% less than a home elsewhere in the same neighborhood. 

According to, a cemetery is on the list of things that drag down the value of a home. The complete list includes the following:

  • Bad schools 
  • Strip club 
  • Area with high renter concentration
  • Homeless shelter
  • Cemetery
  • Funeral home
  • Power plant
  • Shooting range
  • Hospital

You may have difficulty selling a home next to a cemetery.

A percentage of buyers would not entertain the thought of buying a home near a cemetery. It may take longer to sell, so your buyer may need to be more flexible on the price if they are in a hurry to move. 

How to Sell Properties Near a Cemetery

Trying to hide that the property is next door to a cemetery is pointless. Instead, acknowledge the location and let the buyer form their own conclusions.

If you are tasked with selling a home next to a cemetery, research the company or organization in charge of its upkeep. Determine if the company is financially stable, indicating that the property would remain well-maintained. After all, living next to a beautifully kept property differs from living next to a cemetery overrun with weeds – and one lacking security. 

Finally, highlight the features of the home – and the price. Buyers may be willing to overlook the cemetery if they have an updated kitchen or master bath. They may be astonished by all the features they can’t get for the price that the home will sell itself.

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