Green Real Estate Agents?

Okay… When I say “Green Real Estate Agents” I’m not referring to newbies but to those who are becoming specialists in working with clients who are interested in property that is environmentally friendly. If you’re just getting started in your real estate career, this is an area you may want to consider focusing on.

It’s a growing trend among real estate pros today. Many are becoming certified on things like “energy efficiency”, “indoor air quality” and even “green mortgages”.

Energy Efficiency – Check!
Indoor Air Quality – Check!
Green Mortgages – What the heck?

Very briefly… “Green Mortgages” are designed to encourage the building and buying of energy efficient houses. They are also known as “energy efficient mortgages”. The idea is that if the house is energy efficient the energy costs will be lower and the buyer will be able to afford a larger mortgage.

If you become an “Eco-Agent” or “Eco-Broker” focusing on green real estate you will have the ability to act as an energy consultant to your customers and even give them ideas on environmentally positive improvements.

The focus on the cost, supply and use of energy is growing in importance today and this is only the beginning. Today we have “green” everything. Cars, detergents, even toys! This one isn’t going to go away. Here’s a way you can both help your customers and help promote a cleaner, healthier environment!

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