Colibri Real Estate Launches New Interactive Learning Platform for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals

Colibri Real Estate recently announced the launch of a new interactive learning platform for aspiring real estate professionals.

“Colibri Real Estate has evolved our learning platform based on student feedback to make it easier for students to learn, stay engaged in the process and complete their coursework,” said Andrew Robinson, Head of Product, Content, and Innovation, Colibri Real Estate. “With this evolution, students can have a seamless and memorable learning experience with us all in one place, on our new and improved platform.”

Following are highlights of the new Colibri Real Estate interactive learning platform:

On the home page, there is now a comprehensive view of each student’s goal and a quick starting off point to begin and continue online courses, making it easier to pick up right where a student left off.

My Learning Path displays highly recommended content and courses to take in order to accomplish stated goals at this phase, helping students stay on target to learn what they need, when they need it.

My Goal Tracker allows students to commit to the number of course hours they will cover in a week, while monitoring if they are on or off pace, helping them stay motivated and engaged as the number keeps going up.

The new Learning Launcher brings everything course-related into one organized and convenient place, from course and instructor information to links for course-specific resources, discussions, contact forums and more.

The new My Courses tab provides access to all courses and content that a student has purchased and can be filtered and sorted.

“We are committed to ensuring strong education outcomes that drive early career success, through highly-innovative, interactive learning experiences,” said Jennifer Dixson Hoff, President of Colibri Real Estate. “With this learning platform evolution, we are building the future of real estate education and are helping people rise to the challenge and achieve more in their careers.”

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