What is your Website Saying about you?

Your website is often the first interaction a client has with you. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure yours is conveying the right message.

1. Take a quick glance. Pull up your website and glance at it for 10 seconds then close the tab. You should have been able to easily see your company name (or personal name), one item to establish it is a real estate site and navigation tools for additional information.
2. Establish patterns. Each page of your website should follow a similar pattern. The toolbars, logo and contact information should be in the same place on every page. Most readers’ eyes follow a Z-pattern when they look at a website. Organize your information to follow that natural flow.
3. Do not overload. Information is a great resource, but spread it around. Too many links or topics on one page actually causes visitors to back away rather than engage.
4. Establish Trust. Visitors stay longer on sites that ‘feel’ trustworthy. Use an inviting color, have privacy policies and service promises visible. Most of all, keep the language calm rather than over-stimulating. Buying real estate is a marathon, not a sprint.
5. Create a Sitemap. We already established you should not put all of your content on one page. So create a sitemap (usually at the bottom of the every webpage) to guide visitors to the additional information without having to click through the every page.
6. Be mobile friendly. Pull up your website on a smartphone and tablet in addition to a PC or Mac. Having a site that is easily viewed and navigated on smaller screens opens revenue for visitors who are on the go. Check with your hosting company if mobile versions of your existing site are available.

Once you have evaluated the website, start making the changes. If you are unsure how to change up your account, contact the hosting company or contact Tech Express for a free evaluation of your computer needs. www.ColibriRealEstate.com/techexpress/

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