Successful Recruiting Through your Company’s Website

Whether you’re in search of an office full of new agents or just a few, use your existing company website to reach your goal. Much like consumers use the internet to research purchases, potential agents use the internet to compare employers. Recruiting good agents is some of the hardest sales you will do. Having a Join Our Team or Careers page is only the beginning. Follow these tips to make sure your web attracts the new agents you need.

Careers page DON’TS:
1. Confusing Benefits with Features. A lot of Careers pages include a list of ‘benefits’ which is nothing more than a list of agency features: commission structures, technology programs, office support, etc. To truly be a benefit you have to spell out how what you offer is an advantage for an agent. How does your technology streamline the sales process? What, specifically, does the support staff contribute?

2. Talking all about you. As with any sale, people want to know how joining your team will affect them, personally. Make sure your webpage is written in second person to address prospective agents. Replace “We have the best technology…” to “You will be able to list a home in record time due to software ABC allowing you to….”

3. Asking for personal information up front. One of the advantages of researching on the internet is confidentiality and anonymity with browsing. Asking for personal information too early will turn off potential agents – especially experienced ones. Don’t remove all information-collection forms – you still want to speak with as many prospective agents as possible. Instead, create a comfort level before you start asking personal questions.

Careers page DOs:
1. Position yourself as an expert. While it should not be the main focus of your page, provide new agents the steps to get licensed. Pair those steps with your affiliate link to show you are ready and able to work with new agents. Looking for experienced agents? Include the steps to transfer a license and license renewal information.

2. Make the site interactive. Including a Success Aptitude Test allows unlicensed recruits to see if real estate is the right career for them. offers Partner Affiliates an SAT at no charge which allows you to comfortably collect contact
Information from site visitors.

3. Promote your social media sites. Give prospective agents places to go where they can interact with your agency in a non-threatening way. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter open the door to begin a “friendly” conversation.

Small changes to your site take little time and require minimal maintenance, but can reap big rewards. The number of people interested in careers in real estate has exploded in the last 18 months. Make sure your website takes advantage of the surge!

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