Generating Leads With The Internet

If you make a living with a real estate license anywhere in the country, you know that generating leads is crucial to your career. To be successful in a tough economy, you will have to get creative about how you generate real estate leads. The days of sitting in your office waiting for the leads to call in or walk in the door are long gone. These days when people are looking for real estate, the first place they turn to for help and information is the internet, and if you want the business, they had better be able to find you the internet.

Developing your online presence is crucial to generating leads online. Buyers and sellers will begin searching for real estate information sometimes months or years before they are ready to make a move. It is important to your success that you develop ways to turn today’s leads into tomorrow’s clients. Having a website that offers tools that buyers and sellers can use to find information is a great way to generate leads. Keeping your online content fresh and constantly updated is important to ensure the maximum traffic and the most viable leads to work with. In addition to having a website, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are powerful tools for anyone with a real estate license.

Besides creating a large presence for yourself online, there are also lead generating services that you can employ as a tool to generate leads. These businesses have websites where people can enter their information in order to be contacted by a real estate professional. These names will be sold to real estate agents and brokers by the lead generating service. Each service operates differently. Some companies offer exclusive leads and other companies will have their staff review the leads prior to selling them. Of course when you use a lead generating service, you will not necessarily know whether the information entered online is true and accurate, but successful real estate agents will tell you that all leads are worth following up on.

To be successful in the real estate market today it does not hurt to cover all of the bases. Even if you have a strong online presence, you could use outside lead generating services also. To be a successful real estate agent you must exhaust every angle of every available lead, so it makes sense that the more leads you have to work with today, the more clients you will have in the future. It is just good business to generate as many viable leads as you can in any way that you can.

The key to being successful working with a real estate licensehas always been the same, generate the leads, work them, make the sales, and close the deals. What has changed dramatically over the last decade is how we generate those leads. Generating leads with the internet is crucial to a successful career with a real estate license.  The internet and a real estate license positions you for success!

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About The Author: Geoffrey Thompson is an owner and founding partner of Colibri Real Estate, LLC. Since 1996 the companies under this banner have offered online real estate licensing and insurance licensing courses as well as online real estate exam prep and insurance exam prep.