Find your Niche with offers specialization designations to help our students find and master their preferred niche market. But don’t stop at just educating yourself. You must promote your specialty in a way your clients will understand. Many agents have strings of letters behind their names on their business cards; those letters mean nothing to the average person/ Once you take the time to earn a specialization designation, use the full name on your cards and marketing materials. Let clients know that you are the perfect agent for their niche needs.

Certified Financing Specialist (CFS) is a way to show you have mastered the financial markets of the real estate industry and can guide your clients through various options available to them.
Certified Property Management Specialist (CPS) is a must if you are managing properties for you clients as the regulations are very different from selling properties.
Certified Seniors Specialist (CSS) lets your senior clients know that you are able to meet the different physical and financial challenges faced by one of the largest home-owning demographics in the USA.
Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) screams to clients that you know how to use the latest technology to find exactly what your client needs- the perfect home or qualified buyer.

Can’t decide which one you really want? With the affordable tuition, easy schedule and multiple-purchase discount, you cannot go wrong with exploring more than one.

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