How to Capitalize on Barbie Interior Design Trends in Real Estate

We assume your client’s home doesn’t have a slide that curls from the third floor into a backyard pool – like in Barbie’s Dreamhouse. In fact, your client’s home may be far from the Dreamhouse ideal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on Barbie interior design trends in real estate when designing your marketing campaign. 

Here are some Barbie-themed ideas for fun-loving real estate agents.

Celebrate pink fixtures.

If you have worked in real estate for long, you may have gone through a period in your career when you had to help buyers adjust to the idea of a 50s-era pink tub.

But many people today are looking for vintage fixtures. Highlight this feature by setting this scene in your listing: “Imagine soaking in your very own Barbie pink tub.”

Does a pink and black tile backsplash surround the tub? Make sure you take a close-up photo of the design and feature it in your listing.

Pink is in! You no longer have to offer concessions to buyers for homes with pink appliances and fixtures.

Don’t shy away from color when staging the home.

The highly anticipated premier of the Barbie movie has sparked an influx of Barbie themed interior design trends in real estate. However, not everyone is on board with the thought of turning their home into a pink paradise.

One home stager’s website warns that pink is too feminine for most home buyers’ tastes. “Home staging is all about appealing to the greatest number of buyers possible, which means keeping it as gender neutral as possible.”

While we agree that you might want to avoid painting neutral walls pink – even to capitalize on current trends – do use splashes of color to make a space feel designed. Pops of pink may draw buyers to your photos and cause those pics to linger in their memories.

And, of course, pink throw pillows, towels, and candles can be easily removed if the strategy doesn’t work.

Know your buyer.

According to the National Association of Realtors, single women comprise the second largest group of homebuyers – 17 percent so far in 2023. Single men accounted for just 9 percent.

Where are single women buying in your community? If you are selling a home in one of those neighborhoods, consider using selling strategies that may appeal to female buyers.

Before you make nasty comments on this post – we understand that pink appeals to some men, and some women are repulsed by the color – and everything to do with Barbie. But as a professional real estate agent, part of your job is knowing your targeted buyer. You may have to adjust your strategy based on what you know about your potential clients.

Hold a Barbie-themed extreme open house.

Are you selling a house with feminine vibes? Celebrate it by hosting a Barbie-themed extreme open house.

Serve pink champagne and macarons, and decorate with Barbie-themed pink decor. Have a drawing for tickets to the movie.

Remember, the goal of your open house is to help buyers picture what it would be like to live and entertain in the space. So, why shouldn’t your event have life, energy, and beauty?

Use the Barbie trend to market your real estate business.

When you think of Barbie – you think of her Dreamhouse – probably even before “Ken” comes to mind.

Consider creating a marketing campaign for your real estate business focusing on the Dreamhouse ideal. Buy a pink blazer, take some new professional shots, and see what a designer can do to capitalize on the trend.

Look at how this real estate agent used America’s favorite doll as her brand.

Stay current on marketing strategies that work.

If you’ve worked in the real estate industry long, you know timing is everything. Staying current on marketing trends can be tricky – but it will help draw in new clients.

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