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28 Real Estate Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2024

Real estate agents need to make the most of their social media accounts —including Instagram—to market to potential clients. If you need inspiration regarding how to use Instagram to reach your clients or stay on top of real estate trends, look at our 28 favorite Instagram accounts by agents and other industry-related professionals. 

28 Best Real Estate Agents To Follow on Instagram

Are you ready to improve your social media game? Get ideas from these top-tier Instagram accounts. 

1. Bryan Casella (@bryancasella)

Theme: Lifestyle, Real Estate Industry, Motivation

For a mix of lifestyle and real estate, we recommend Bryan Casella, whose Instagram and YouTube strategy has netted him followers in the hundreds of thousands.

2. Joyce Rey (@joycereyrealestate)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

We love how Joyce Rey updates her profile with professional photos of her listing. She also makes the most of Instagram videos by adding amazing drone videos of properties.

3. Chad Carroll (@chadcarroll)

Theme: Real Estate Listings, Real Estate Industry

Chad Carroll’s Instagram features photos of amazing properties – many that are sold or under contract. 

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4. Zillow (@zillow)

Theme: Real Estate Marketing

Follow Zillow and read their captions for interesting ways to increase engagement on posts. You can see in many of their captions they enjoy having fun with their audience.

5. Matthew Sweat (@sweatbrah)

Theme: Real Estate Photography

Matthew Sweat is a photographer and real estate agent who uses his photography skills to highlight picturesque homes and neighborhoods.

6. Dusty Baker (@dustyjbaker)

Theme: Real Estate Personal Journey

Dusty Baker integrates details of his personal life and successes from his journey as a real estate professional into his social media presence.

7. Hawaii Life (@hawaiilife)

Theme: Building Real Estate Audience

We might have included Hawaii Life in the post because of the stunning Hawaii scenery it showcases. Just kidding—it’s educational, too. Consider this approach if you’re looking for ways to inspire your customers and build an audience.

8. Loida (@loidavelas)

Theme: Real Estate Quotes

Loida does a good job of talking about her successes and posting the occasional inspirational quote.

9. The Broke Agent (@thebrokeagent)

Theme: Real Estate Comedy

Everyone needs some comedic relief on their real estate journey. Follow this account for a dose of daily humor. 

10. Lance Tuazon (@lance_tuazon_design)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

Check out the beautiful interior shots Lance publishes on his Instagram account. 

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11. Meko Fountain(@mekosoldit)

Theme: Real Estate Listings, Personal Career

Meko Fountain uses this account to showcase listings and happy clients in Georgia.

12. Ariane Ellsberry (@mydear_ariane)

Theme: Real Estate Career, Real Estate Coaching

Ariane Ellsberry is an Atlanta luxury real estate agent and real estate coach who posts about her listings, career, volunteer opportunities, and personal life.

13. Shelton Wilder (@sheltonwilderestates)

Theme: Real Estate Listings, Real Estate Career, Humor)

California luxury real estate agent Shelton Wilder uses her Instagram account to showcase listings, promote her podcast, and show the humorous side of working in the industry.

14. Ben Bacal (@benbacalestates)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

Serving Beverly Hills, Hollywood, L.A., and Miami, Ben Bacal is the go-to agent for many celebrities. This Instagram account promotes the amazing luxury properties listed by his firm. 

15. Heather Colby (@ideasforrealestate)

Theme: Real Estate Marketing

Heather Colby guides real estate agents through marketing techniques to promote their business. Members can access social media strategies, reels, and more, but free content is also available.

16. Lilliana Matos (@iconlillianamatos)

Theme: Real Estate Career, Real Estate Coaching)

Lilliana Mato’s Instagram celebrates the agent’s successful sales and community involvement. The account has content for buyers, sellers, and other professionals getting started in the industry in California.

17. Kumara Wilcoxon (@Kumara Wilcoxon)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

Austin real estate agent Kumara Wilcoxon highlights properties for sale in Central Texas with stunning photography and video.

18. Jordon Patterson (@j0rdanpatterson)

Theme: Real Estate Listings, Motivation

Serving communities in Nashville, Jordan Patterson shares homes for sale and motivational content (as well as his love for sneakers) with his Instagram followers.

19. Alexis Lee (@alexisleerealestate)

Theme: Real Estate Investing

Real estate agent Alexis Lee uses this account to discuss current industry topics and advise investors.

20. Sara Robinson (@sararadrobinson)

Theme: Investment Real Estate, Airbnb

Are you considering using an investment property for Airbnb? Sara Robinson gives helpful advice on running an Airbnb business, including help with bookkeeping and Airbnb design.

21. Janelle and Don (@janelle.and.don.invest)

Theme: Wholesale Real Estate, Investment Real Estate)

Janelle and Don answer all the top questions about wholesale, fix and flip, Airbnb, and investment real estate. 

22. Alicia Maddox (@happyhour_home)

Theme: Real Estate Listings, Housewarming

Alicia Maddox does a great job with her themed account. It’s a perfect mixture of Georgia real estate listings and advice for hosting (housewarming) parties.

23. Amanda Lee (@amandameilee)

Theme: Real Estate Career

Amanda Lee uses this Instagram account to celebrate her successes as a real estate agent in San Diego.

24. Sandra Rieger (@sandrarieger_realtor)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

Sandra Rieger has received accolades for her social media work. Check out her Instagram account, which includes real estate listings and info about community events.

26. Mahsheed Parsons (@mahsheedluxuryrealestate)

Theme: Real Estate Career, Real Estate Listings

Mahsheed Parsons specializes in luxury real estate in Vegas and California. She uses this account to celebrate and highlight her success in the industry. 

26. Ashton Thibodeaux (@homesbyashton_)

Theme: Real Estate Listings

Texas real estate agent Ashton Thibodeaux celebrates with new homeowners and offers real estate and rental listings for buyers in and around Houston.

27. Anne Jones (@tacomajones)

Theme: Beautiful Homes, Real Estate Listings, Community Info

Anne Jones’ Instagram account offers a little bit of everything: real estate listings, photos of beautiful homes, and insights into the community and industry. 

28. Colibri Real Estate (@colibrirealestate)

Theme: Real Estate Education, Industry Tips, Licensing Information, Real Estate Jobs, and More!

Colibri Real Estate is your education partner – no matter where you are in the licensing process. 

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