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3 Symptoms of Real Estate Agent Burnout (And How to Beat It)

Ever catch yourself feeling like you just can’t find the motivation to complete the work you need to as an agent? Feel like you’re caught in a perpetual state of “the Mondays” where even basic tasks business tasks like prospecting clients, replying to emails or answering the phone are impossible? You might be experiencing real estate agent burnout.

Burnout happens — and it’s nothing to be embarrassed by. The key to persisting in your real estate career is recognizing the symptoms of burnout and taking steps to look after your mental health. We spoke with burnout expert Jessica Rector about how to recognize burnout and what to do about it.

Q: What is burnout and how prevalent is real estate agent burnout?

Jessica says: Burnout varies depending on who you’re talking to. It’s when you’re exhausted and not motivated. When you find yourself in the morning really not wanting to go to work and you come up with any excuse not to work, not to perform, not pick up the phone and call people and do the things you need to do to keep the business alive. When you’re a real estate agent and you’re commission-based you need to be able to do those things to put food on your table but it keeps you from doing those things

My company’s research says 70 percent of people are burned out. It affects every organization. It usually starts affecting people 12 months into their job.

Q: Is burnout on the rise in the business world?

Jessica says: Burnout’s been prevalent but we’ve just become better at recognizing what it is instead of saying “I’m not getting clients, maybe this job isn’t for me.” Burnout affects people so much so that they literally don’t want to do the tasks of the job.

Q: How do you diagnose burnout?

Jessica says:

There are many burnout warning signs.

1. Look at how you think about the workday

Are you excited to jump up and get started? Are you excited to meet people? Or are you resistant to it? Are you reluctant? Do you find you have a bad attitude?

2. Are you drained at the end of each day?

There’s a point where you’re tired from the day but is it to the point where you just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. You’re so unmotivated to do things that you’re completely wiped out.

3. Do you have difficulty staying healthy and participating in relationships?

Look at how you engage with people — your family, prospects and team members. Do you listen to people? How is your health? Have you been losing weight or gaining weight excessively?

Q: How to address burnout in your life?

Jessica says: When you’re in burnout, or even if you’re trying to prevent burnout it’s not about doing something one time that’s a fix. It’s consistent action. Whatever you’re doing, it’s got to be done consistently.

One of the things I’m a huge proponent of is, how do we disrupt our daily habits and our daily routines? How can you disrupt your status quo, your daily status quo?