What Classes Do I Need To Take To Become a Real Estate Agent?

what are the classes I need to become a real estate agent

Are you wondering “what are the classes I need to become a real estate agent?” Depending on what state you plan to work in, that answer can vary. It might take some research to learn the exact classes you’ll need to become a real estate agent, but from our experience here are some of the courses most agents typically take. Looking to do your own research on the real estate license requirement for your state? We’ll help you with that, too.

The classes you’ll need to become a real estate agent fall under three general categories:

  1. Pre-licensing classes
  2. Exam preparation classes
  3. Post-licensing classes
  4. Continuing Education classes

will help you study specific material that will be on your test.

When searching for the right exam preparation course, look for one that offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your licensing exam.

3. Post-licensing courses

Some states require you to take additional classes within months of obtaining your license that will prepare you for your first license renewal. These courses typically help you understand new laws and regulations in real estate and assist with your business planning. When you check your state’s full real estate license requirements there should also be a note about post-licensing courses if they’re required where you live.

4. Continuing education courses

Each state has different rules about the amount of continuing education classes required for reach real estate agent, but it’s important to know that you’ll most likely have to factor in some continuing education each year. So when you’re wondering “what are the classes I need to become a real estate agent?” know that your education goes beyond just getting licensed. To continue in your real estate career you’ll constantly need to be upgrading your knowledge and skills.


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