Pennsylvania Real Estate General Required Module

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Real Estate General Required Module This is a seven hour course approved for continuing education credit.
During this course we will learn about the duties of a Pennsylvania real estate licensee, with regard to The Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act (RELRA), the nature of written and non-written agreements, and the scope of agency disclosure. We will also discuss the features and benefits of real estate advertising, as well as issues surrounding escrow, including duties of a licensee, the requirements for security deposits, deadlines, and types of misuse. You will come to understand the role of the Commission regarding violations and disciplinary actions, along with associated penalties and the steps involved in disciplinary proceedings.
We will discuss closing costs, Closing Disclosures, and contracts, including the elements of a valid contract and the Commission’s rules for sales agreements. We will learn about encumbrances, including the differences between easements, restrictions, and judgments. You will learn about zoning and the aspects of non-conforming uses, variances, and conditional use permits.
Describe the roles, duties, and responsibilities of a buyer's agent, seller's agents and dual agents as well as designated agents and transaction licensee, including how converting from one agency to another occurs. The issues surrounding environmental concerns, including testing, seller disclosures, and consequences of non-disclosure will be addressed.
Finally, we will learn about aspects of quality of life regarding the decision to purchase a property, including safety, consumer awareness, government laws and resources, inspections, and the role of the licensee.