New Jersey Risk Management

At any given moment on any given day, licensees go about their real estate activities with a powerful and motivating monetary objective in mind—to sell, buy, lease, or manage property for their clients. To attain this objective, real estate licensees interact and negotiate with a variety of professionals, market themselves to each other and to the public, and advertise and promote their client's real estate assets. They also assist in attaining their client's desired real estate goals.  However, engaging in these activities is not a simple endeavor.  Licensees must be aware of the consequences of these actions—legal and monetary—and how these consequences impact not only their individual businesses but also their profession in general.

Negative consequences would include license reprimand, suspension and revocation as well as possibility of fines and lawsuits.

Licensees today enjoy the unprecedented benefits of technology—technology that enables licensees to reach more clients, sell or lease more homes, manage more property, and ultimately earn more money.  However, with the benefits that today's technology provides, there are also the risks of misusing (and even abusing) it.  Licensees must know the pitfalls of the technology highway and be able to navigate it successfully.

This course is intended to provide some direction for licensees in today's tech heavy real estate industry. Licensees must be able to identify risks, analyze their impact, and manage the consequences of such risks.