busy real estate agent struggling with time management

Spotlight on Success: Time Allocation for Real Estate Agents

Whether you are a newly-licensed agent or a seasoned veteran, allocating time efficiently and effectively is an essential skill to master. That’s why we talked to national real estate coach Sherri Johnson to learn her philosophy on time allocation. Click the video below to listen to this insightful interview.

Key Takeaways

Don’t have time to listen to the interview? Here are some quick takeaways so that you can get the gist (although you will get the most information and value from listening to the full interview).

#1: Always Have a Plan

As a busy real estate agent, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day. That’s why it is so critical to have a plan at the beginning of each week. In fact, Sherri recommends agents spend about 20% of their working hours planning and working on the business (i.e. not servicing clients). Otherwise, you may find yourself on a Friday afternoon having not made one call to a prospective client all week, which brings us to her second key takeaway …

#2: Set Aside Time for Prospecting

Depending on how many leads you have in your pipeline, Sherri recommends that agents allocate 50 – 75% of their week prospecting for new clients. While it’s important to make sure that you provide excellent customer service to your current clients (they are the ones after all who will, or will not, refer you to their friends and family), you want to know you have business coming in. This will help prevent you from constantly being in feast or famine mode, which can be highly stressful and difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

#3: Don’t Forget Marketing

Especially if you are a newly-licensed agent, allocating time and money to your marketing is critical. Running digital campaigns via social media and your website/blog is just as important as running print campaigns (such as postcards, flyers, etc.). Just make sure that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely.

Want more of Sherri Johnson’s expert tips for real estate agents? Check out her 90-Day Bootcamp, or set up a free one-hour strategy consultation.