What Does Your Real Estate Website Say About You?

If you want to keep moving your real estate business forward, you need a website that will hook clients. Your real estate website provides an opportunity for a new client to find your strengths as an agent. Careful planning and consideration on how to organize your website will entice your new clients to contact you for information.
Below are the key ingredients to getting your website into the best shape possible.

Get Organized
• Your name, company name, and contact information should all be on the same place on each page.

• The font should be in a color that draws the eye to that area and large enough so that the information is not missed. Frilly or overly fancy font may be difficult to read. Choose your font carefully.

Use Patterns
• Use a bright color on buttons that a client should click on with the mouse.

• Clients want to know what information is on each website page therefore too many buttons or headlines can be a distraction and clients may give up on reading your website.

• Keep important information and headlines in a Z pattern as that pattern is the natural reading flow of the eyes.

Less is More
• De-clutter your pages to make them less of a strain on the eyes. If articles on your page are old, archive them or delete them altogether.

• Choose high quality articles that provide vital information. Keep the articles brief to hold your clients’ attention.

• Online listing of homes should have specific photos showing the home’s unique characteristics

• General pictures on your website should be bright and draw a client’s eye to them.

• Keep sentences to 10 words or less.

Trust is Crucial
• Add modern safety features on your website so that no personal information of your clients is shared such as email, phone number or address.

• Use a secure webhost or server to ensure your clients’ information stays private. Do not sell or share their information to other businesses.

• Place testimonials or reviews from your previous clients on your website so that new clients can see all that you have to offer.

Go Mobile
• Choose a webhost that allows your webpage to show up on a tablet or iphone without any problems. Today’s client does not have time to load or reload to read a page of information. They will find another agent if your webpage does not provide them with the information they require.

Create a Sitemap

• A sitemap will prevent you from duplicating material on your webpages and will keep the clients reading information about your agency. A sitemap basically helps you lay out your pages in an easy to follow format.

Generate Leads
a. Include a Contact Us form
b. Include an areas for prospects to sign up for a free market analysis
c. Link to your social media accounts
d. Provide an email newsletter sign-up.
Accelerate your sales and increase your clients with a webpage that captures your viewers’ attention.
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