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How to sell a pet friendly home:

Selling a home can be quite challenging in today’s real estate market. The experts all agree that de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home is the best way to market your home to potential buyers. People looking to buy want to be able to picture themselves in the home, so it makes sense that you would want your home to be as warm as possible while remaining a blank canvas for another who sees the property. Removing family photos and some oversized furniture to give the home more buyer appeal is one thing, but what is a seller to do when they have pets? How do you make your home “buyer friendly” when you have four-legged family members to consider?

The most effective solution is naturally to remove the pet from the home. Although it sounds terrible to put man’s best friend out of the house for the time being, it is not only the most effective solution for potential buyers; it is also the one that is easiest on the pets. Having to move to a new location one time is much less stressful than having to be moved or be locked away frequently as buyers view the home. If it is possible to send the family pet to stay with a family member or a trusted pet care professional while the home is marketed, it would be the best solution for everyone.

If sending the animal to grandma’s house for an extended visit is not an option, then eliminating all signs of the pet in the home is important. Although everyone may love their pets, they do not necessarily love yours. While potential buyers are viewing the home, taking the pet for a nice long walk is not a bad idea. Perhaps a neighbor could keep an eye on your pet long enough for the buyers to see the home. If it is not possible to remove the pet from the home then keeping them crated or outside if possible is an acceptable alternative.

You will have to do more than remove the pet from the home to be ready for buyers. All pet beds and toys should be removed from view. Furniture and flooring should be clean and free from pet hair or pet stains. Most importantly, no one should be able to smell that a pet lives in the home even when they do not see one. Room air fresheners are not a good choice to mask pet odors because you can trigger allergies in many people. Enzyme cleaners work well at removing the odors rather than masking one smell with another.

Selling a pet friendly home is not impossible. By following the few helpful tips, you can be successful in selling your home .