Lie To Me – Identifying the Truth in Real Estate News

I like TV a lot.  Too much.  I’m addicted to 24, Lost, Fringe, The Office and now Lie To Me.  This new show is about a guy who has become a brilliant expert, through years of research, on the way people behave when they tell lies.   He has a firm that serves as consultants to corporations, law enforcement and politicians trying to uncover the truth based on people’s behavior.  He’s looking for the “tells” that indicate when a person is lying or telling the truth – the facial ticks and changes in posture or vocal intonation that are indicators of honesty or dishonesty.  Sounds like it could be a little boring to watch but it’s not.  It’s fascinating and it reminds me of what we’re doing when we read the news and review economic reports searching for the “tells” that say where the real estate market is actually heading.

That’s what the “Good News in Real Estate” blog is about.  We’re looking for the “tells” that can be identified in economic reports, housing news and all that information that’s offered up to us just about every day.  How does the economy behave when it’s telling a lie?  Does it dip it’s shoulder and slouch in its chair?  Does it make grandiose claims about it’s innocence?  Can the economy even tell a lie?  After all, the economy isn’t human – but it is created by humans.

So… with this new interest I’ve gained by watching Lie To Me I’m going to start watching those TV interviews with “experts” much more closely.  I’m going to set my DVR to play them back at 1/8 speed and look for rapid blinking and forehead wrinkling and then I ‘m going to run the audio through the vocal stress analyzer I downloaded for my iPhone.

Just kidding… but seriously, I think we need to be diligent about learning what news and data can be trusted and what is being served up as truth but are actually lies in disguise.

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