Real estate agent shakes hands with new homeowners

I Heart My House

From the moment my real estate agent sent me the listing, it was my house. When I walked in for the very first time, it felt like home. As I left the property, I was filled with anxiety at the thought of someone else looking at my house. I was trying so hard to keep my cool and very casually state my desire to submit an offer, but I just wanted to scream, I heart my house!

I never understood people who spent hours watching “do it yourself” programs on the Home Channel or their weekends in a Home Depot, until the day I found my house. My real estate agent patiently showed me house after house, and as nice as they were, they were just places to live. They had all of the bells and whistles I was looking for, but somehow something was missing. I did not know what it was until I walked into that last one. Suddenly, I could think of nothing I would rather do than browsing around a Home Depot for ideas.

Making an offer was a much bigger challenge that I had anticipated. It is hard to negotiate intelligently when you find something you have to have. I was ready to offer them anything they wanted to get into my house. I was lucky to have a real estate agent that handled the negotiation process for me. I had never been so happy that I took my time finding the right real estate agent, and not just someone with a real estate license.

The waiting was absolute torture. Probably more for my poor real estate agent that took every one of my eight thousand phone calls asking if he had heard anything; as if he would hear that the sellers had accepted my offer and just not tell me about it. They must teach patience in real estate school, because he never let me know how truly annoying I must have been. Every call was handled politely and professionally as he assured me as soon as he knew, I would know.

When the call came, I could not believe it. My offer was accepted and I was on my way to home ownership. I do not think I slept between that phone call and the closing. My nerves began to get the better of me as I signed page after page of closing documentation. Is this the right house for me? When they put the keys in my hand, it was surreal. I was a homeowner.

When the key turned in the lock, my heart was pounding. The door opened and I stepped inside and finally got my chance to scream, I heart my house!

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