Home Price Rebound Predicted for 2011

The housing market has had a tough couple of years, but this year we have seen the first signs of recovery. The federal tax incentives that expired earlier in the year and now the affordability and low interest rates have enticed enough buyers in to begin to pull the housing market out of a very dark place. The next stage of the real estate market recovery will be an upturn in home values and according to a survey of economists that upturn should begin in 2011. According to the Standard and Poor / Case-Schiller index home prices are expected to rise 12 percent in the next five years. The economists’ predictions are fantastic news for anyone that earns their living with a real estate license.

It is a great time to buy, but sellers are still feeling the sting of the plummeting home values over the last few years. Getting the buyers to overcome the fear of investing in real estate was the first step to restoring the housing market. The expiration of the federal tax incentives has slowed sales a bit, but historically low interest rates have managed to keep housing sales on an incline. Some experts predict an increase of up to 26% over 2009 for single family housing starts by the end 2010. Although there is still an increasing inventory of foreclosure homes in the market threatening to further drop home prices, increasing stability in the employment sector should help to absorb the supply.

This optimistic forecast is not only good news for real estate licensees; it is great news for anyone looking for a new career opportunity with unlimited income potential. The real estate training required to earn a real estate license can be completed in just a few months or even less time with the availability of online real estate schools. The necessary real estate courses can be completed at your convenience whenever your schedule will allow.

There are not many industries that are predicting increases in employment opportunities in the coming years, but the real estate industry is. Earlier this year the United States Department of Labor Statistics predicted a 14 percent increase in jobs in the real estate sector over the next eight years. If you are seeking a new career, no where will you find more opportunity than in today’s real estate market. The housing crisis sent many real estate licensees into other career paths. Now that the housing market is rebounding, there is a renewed need for individuals with a real estate license.

2011 looks to be the beginning of the re-strengthening of America’s real estate market. There is plenty of time to position yourself to earn commissions you never thought possible. As summer draws to a close, you could have your real estate license before the New Year begins.

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