Now Good News in Real Estate is Too Easy to Find

Last year we decided to make the focus of our blog “Good News in Real Estate” because positive news had become so hard to come by.  Every day was FULL of daunting reports about the housing market and the economy.  Finding anything hopeful was difficult.  Now just a few months later, you can’t get away from the good news – it’s EVERYWHERE.  And the good news is that the housing market appears to be pulling out of its tailspin.

Even though we all knew the bottom would get here eventually, none of us really knew how low we’d go or how long the ride would last.   And truthfully, we don’t know for sure that we’ve reached the actual bottom.  But even if there’s another dip or two in the ride I for one enjoy the chance to catch my breath and feel the ground under my feet.

One of the things I love about our business (Colibri Real Estate, LLC) is that we’re all realists here.  The partners are all old enough and experienced enough (I’m the youngest at 50) to have witnessed ups and downs of the economy and the real estate market.   We’ve seen markets skyrocket and we’ve seen them come crashing down.  What we’ve never seen is a crash without a recovery.  This is why we’ve been encouraging real estate professionals to hang in there through the crash.  Real Estate will turn around and we believe that those who stay with it will not be disappointed.

As a business, has viewed the downturn in the market as an opportunity for us to grow.  We’ve been aggressive about adding new schools in states where we didn’t already have them.  We’ve added many new courses and we will be launching out into some new real estate related niches very shortly.  All of this during the biggest downturn we’ve seen since we founded the company in 1996.

We’re encouraging others to do the same.  Take this opportunity and make an investment in your career/business.  If real estate is something you have a passion for and you’re not already licensed, get your  real estate license.  Take a step of faith and sign up for that pre-license course.   If you’re already licensed and thinking about letting your license expire,  don’t do it!  Instead, use this time to develop additional skills that will help you be more effective and more successful when market conditions improve.

The Good News Continues!

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