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Equal Pay in Commercial Real Estate Might Take Until 2119 (Plus Other Links)

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Read: Women in commercial real estate might not earn as much as men until 2119

Even though real estate is a great career for women and does have a smaller pay gap than the national average, it’s not moving very quickly to close the pay gap that does remain. A recent white paper published by Commercial Real Estate Women estimates that at the current rate it will take until 2119 for women and men to be paid equally.

The CREW white paper summarizes years of studies about women in the workforce globally.

Watch: Dream Empire — China’s real estate bubble

If you want a break from obsessing over the domestic real estate bubble, here’s an idea: watch this documentary on YouTube about what’s happening to China’s real estate marketing. Back in 2012, China’s real estate market was booming, thanks in part to a rising middle class in the country and more high net-worth Chinese than ever. Is that still the case. Well… not really, according to the film.

It follows the main character, Yana, who moved from the countryside into Chongqing and started a business marketing bringing foreign stars to PR events within the real estate industry. “Stars” is a term used loosely here. It basically just refers to foreign-looking people who have some performing talent—the rest of the backstory can be made up on the spot by Chinese PR professionals.

Using this outlook into the Chinese real estate industry, the film walks through the boom and decline of certain Chinese markets. It’s a story you probably won’t see portrayed in this way anywhere else.

Listen: Listing agent lifestyle

A lot of big names appear on this podcast, such as Tony Robbins who got two whole episodes at the start of the year. With weekly episodes, you’ll never run out of new podcasts to listen to and each one has more than enough to keep you motivated and on track throughout the week.

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