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How to Market Yourself in 2019 (Plus Other Links)

Twice a month we round up the best links for you across the internet to help you with your real estate career. Here’s our latest installment with the most important real estate news right now.

Read: 3 Tips to surviving your first real estate recession

If you’re concerned about how you’ll handle any changes in the market, it can be helpful to learn from those who have experienced and survived market fluctuations in the past. This article from Forbes has some helpful tips that could give you some guidance on how to navigate a transitioning market. Written by David Kaufman, senior vice president at Cleeman Realty Group in New York City, it’s a summary of all his research about how real estates who handled the Great Recession made it. Kaufman himself wasn’t in the real estate industry during the recession, so he understands how to ask the same questions current newcomers might be wondering.

Watch: How to do real estate marketing in 2019

This video by Gary Vee helps real estate professionals understand how to build a long-term brand instead of focusing on short-term sales. It’s 50 minutes long and in the form of a question and answer, so it’s a lot of content to get through. Here are three important points:

  • 17:39 How you build your personal brand when you’re under a big name broker? Is the real estate industry going to be disrupted the same way taxis were disrupted by Uber or bookstores were disrupted by Amazon?
  • 5:52 How can you scale nationally or create referral programs?
  • 29:00 How do you build a brand when you’re doing real estate as a side hustle?

Listen: Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Need to hear the word “yes” more often? Don’t we all. This real estate coaching podcast picks elements of business and life and helps you develop strategies and systems to get to “yes” for each of them. Train your mindset and create new habits.

Follow: Google’s Search Liason on Twitter

Danny Sullivan is an expert in Google search and usually Tweets a mixture of personal and Google-related news, but if you follow his professional handle, Search Liaison, you’ll find a lot of marketing gold. If you’re trying to get a better handle on Google search and how to appear in search results for the keywords you’re targeting, who better to follow than Google’s Twitter handle devoted to helping people own search?

Act: St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon

Are you planning to use the holiday to run any promotions or do any community service related events? Now’s the time to start planning. It’s coming up on March 17.