The Benefits of a Career in Real Estate

The unemployment levels nationwide are still at high levels and many people are struggling to find a job to make ends meet. The holidays add even more financial pressure for those who are unemployed or underemployed. Slowly the national economy is beginning to show signs of improvement, however many people that are struggling need help right now. They do not have years to wait for the country’s job market to improve so they search for a new career path. Going back to school is always an option, but that too takes years and tens of thousands of dollars to complete a degree program. Even then, there is no guarantee that there will be a job waiting for you in your chosen field when you graduate. There is another option available if you consider the benefits of a career in real estate.

According to the US Labor Department, opportunities for employment in the real estate industry are expected to grow over the next eight years. Not many industries are anticipating that strong an outlook for the future.  The real estate market is showing signs of recovery all across the country. The freefall of housing prices has slowed or even stopped in many markets, while others are already showing strong signs of recovery. Experts agree that the housing market recovery will happen; it is only a question of when. The security of a career with a growing market is one benefit of a career in real estate.

If you need to start a new career quickly, then this is another benefit of a career in real estate. The requirements to earn your real estate license depend upon what state you reside in, but in general, the basic requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be of good character. The number of hours of real estate courses that you will need to complete in order to take your state real estate examination will also vary; the real estate training could take as little as a couple of weeks up to a few months to complete. . Regardless of what state you are in, you could begin your real estate career in less than the time it takes to complete a single semester of college courses.

Finally, convenience and affordability are huge benefits of starting a career in real estate. There are online real estate schools that offer courses with complete flexibility. The materials and exams are accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere you have an internet connection. Some online real estate schools offer access to the real estate courses from your iPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphone with no apps required. The best part is that all of the cost of the real estate training and fees associated with the exam and license combined are far less that the cost of a single semester of college.

The job market is scary right now and the cost of the education to start a new career is higher than ever. With just a few months and a few hundred dollars, you could be starting a career in a field with amazing income generating potential.

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