Career opportunities in Texas real estate

Career Opportunities In Texas Real Estate

While the majority of the nation is dealing with the struggling economy, the Texas economy continues to outperform much of the country. The unemployment rate in Texas is slightly below the national average at 8.3%. The population in the state has grown more than 20% over the last decade, and the job market has grown as well. One industry that is doing well in Texas is the real estate industry, making it a fantastic time to look into real estate career opportunities in Texas and consider getting your Texas real estate license.

The rest of the country is experiencing the highest foreclosure rates in history. But in Austin, Texas foreclosures are at the lowest point that they have been in more than two years. While home prices are suffering in most states, in El Paso, Texas the average price rose 1.1% between February 2010 and 2011. Texas taxpayers enjoy a significantly lower tax liability than the rest of the country, but cities like Abilene, Texas have some of the lowest property tax rates in the state. It is no wonder that the real estate industry is among the top industries in Texas.

Getting started

Getting started in Texas real estate could not be easier. If you are a US citizen who is at least 18 years old and a resident of Texas you are halfway there. The educational requirements to qualify to take the Texas real estate license exam are just 210 real estate course hours. The breakdown of the courses are 60 hours of courses in real estate principles, 30 hours each in the subjects of agency law, contract law, and one other elective core class. The final 60 hours are your choice from real estate courses approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Pre-licensing classes

Even finding the time to take the classes required to sit for the Texas real estate license exam is easy. There are online real estate schools approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission that enable you to study whenever you find the time. The course materials are available to you 24 hours a day from anywhere you can access the internet. How long it takes to complete the required course hours is entirely up to you. You could get them done in as little as 3 or 4 weeks.

Applying for your real estate license

Once you have completed the real estate courses you can submit your application for an inactive salesperson license. You may scan your education documentation and submit your application online or you may submit the documentation and all fees on a single check through the mail. Applications without payment will not be accepted. When your application has been received and processed, you will be notified of your Texas real estate license exam date via the Candidate Information Brochure (CIB).

To start your career with your Texas real estate license, you will need to find a licensed Texas real estate broker to sponsor you before your license will be made active. The Texas real estate market continues to outperform the majority of the country, making fantastic career opportunities in Texas real estate.

Real estate career opportunities in Texas and beyond

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