A New Career in a New Economy

It is a tough job market these days. To grow and find financial security in the evolving economy, many people need to learn new skills in fields that are looking at growth in the years to come. Developing new skills can be a costly endeavor, so it is important to do some research about what fields are expected to offer opportunities for growing you success in the future.

So many people have and continue to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on college degrees in the hopes of landing the great career with benefits and fantastic pay. After all, that is the way that we were taught it was done. Graduate high school and get your college degree if you want to have a future is what we were told. It is what we teach our children still, even though there are a growing number of college graduates on unemployment or working alongside individuals without degrees for the same pay. Perhaps the idea that a college degree is what you need for a future should be re-examined. Rather than spending thousands on a business degree, new careers for the new economy consider a more specific field and training that is more direct.

Careers in real estate offer income-generating potential that rivals many business careers requiring a four-year degree, but there is no degree required in most states. To begin a real estate career you will only spend a few hundred dollars on a few weeks of real estate training and successful completion of a real estate license exam in the state in which you live. Careers in real estate go beyond sales with careers available in appraisals that can also offer fantastic income potential with a minimal investment in a short period of time.

There are two career opportunities in front of you. One will require you to dedicate years of your life and thousands of dollars before you can begin work. When you complete your education, you will try to get work and if you are a little lucky and work really hard, you might make your way up the corporate ladder to a position that will offer you a great salary. There is also a chance that you could pay for the degree and not be able to find that job, but the debt will remain as will the need to find a career with a future.

The second opportunity requires you to invest less than a thousand dollars in a few weeks or months of training to get your license and start working.  You will be in control of your career growth so if you are a little lucky and work very hard, you income potential is unlimited. There is also the chance that you will earn back every penny you spent on the required training and license in your very first commission.

Real estate careers are not new, but new careers in the new economy are those that will have a more direct approach to your career that a four-year degree and careers in real estate can offer the income potential of a career requiring a degree without the cost of a degree.

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