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Predictions For the 2019 Real Estate Market (Plus Other Links)

Twice a month we bring you the best links from across the internet to help you with your real estate career. Here’s the latest edition.

Read: 5 key questions to ask before choosing an online real estate school

Is online real estate education right for you?

Many people see online real estate classes as a convenient way to balance their priorities while at the same time pursuing a new career in real estate.

There are just a few questions you should answer for yourself before you decide that online real estate school is right for you.

This article gets into how to decide on the delivery method for your real estate classes, but here are just a few of the questions it asks:

  • Do you like to move at your own pace or do you prefer an instructor to keep you on task?
  • Are you trying to juggle many responsibilities and need a flexible solution to get your education?
  • Are you ready to start networking to give you the best shot at success when you finish your education?

Read the story for a more detailed analysis on how to decide between online real estate school and a more traditional option.

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Watch: Predictions for the 2019 real estate market

Can we predict the future with a crystal ball? No. But real estate influencer Tom Ferry has published an hour-long video with some bold predictions about 2019. The video features an interview by Steve Harney who thinks, among other things, that the 2019 real estate market will feature:

  • Price appreciation is pegged to be about 6% a year (6:06)
  • Housing prices probably won’t go down over the next five years. (14:33)
  • What going to happen with the number of transactions because of interest rates? There might be some sticker shock. (15:12)
  • Is there a bubble to be aware of? Some people think so, but Harney doesn’t necessarily. (22:28)

Listen: The Best Ever Show

This is a podcast by marketing executive turned real estate professional Joe Fairless, who daily interviews successful real estate leaders to provide insights into the profession. The episodes are about 30 minutes each. A lot of the content focuses on real estate investing.

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