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How the New Tax Law Will Impact You and More in Our Link Roundup

Our bi-monthly list of the best things on the internet to enhance your knowledge is here! It’s a long weekend, so that should give you extra time to catch up on your learning, right?

Read: Will the new tax law impact your real estate business?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is bringing some tax changes to real estate. There are three major ways the law could impact you. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty here, but Entrepreneur has put together a rundown of what you should look out for.

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Ever wondered how to explain to new clients the basics of real estate investing. This podcast, which covers all the basics of real estate, can help you. Take a listen and mirror what they say, or recommend the podcast to clients of yours who are just getting their feet wet.

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Feel intimidated by digital real estate marketing? You don’t have to. I can be as simple as firing off a few pieces of content from your phone every day. Of course, we recommend you get a bit more in-depth than that but if you just need an easy way to start out, watch this video for five simple tips.

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She’s a NYC real estate veteran, a shark on Shark Tank and just an all-around engaging personality on Instagram. If you need a little inspiration in your feed Barbara Corcoran’s mix of quotes, videos and life updates will do the trick.

Act: Happy Memorial Day!

We hope you’re out there spending it with people you love and honoring those who’ve served our country. For some ideas on how to incorporate Memorial Day into your email newsletter marketing read these top three tips.

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