How Much Does a Real Estate License in Texas Cost?

It costs about $1,000 to get your real estate license in Texas. Yes, that’s a significant chunk of cash. But, according to Indeed, a real estate agent in Texas earns, on average, $88,808 per year. So, your investment will be well worth it.

Let’s take a deep dive into how much a real estate license in Texas costs. We’ll briefly discuss how much each part of the process costs, so you can be prepared to enter this lucrative field.

The Cost of Getting a Real Estate License in Texas

We know you’re excited to get started in your career and would be willing to pay $1,000 right now to get your real estate license. However, the process requires you to go through several steps. Let’s outline these steps – and the approximate cost of each one.

Step 1: Complete a pre-licensing course.

Approximate Cost: $600 – $900

The State of Texas requires you to take 180 hours of classes before sitting for the Texas real estate license exam.

As you can imagine, the courses hit some heavy-duty topics, including contract law, real estate financing, and standard real estate forms.

It’s vital that you choose a high-quality real estate school to complete your coursework. After all, completing the classes may take several months – especially if you are still working full-time. You’ll want engaging, well-organized presentations to keep you interested for over 180 hours.

Also, look for a flexible, online real estate school that is highly rated. The instructors must be approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). Finally, look for a school that offers instructor support, practice exams, and career support to help you get started.

Step 2: Fill out your license application.

Approximate Cost: $185

Begin the process of applying for your Texas real estate license by visiting the TREC website. Create an account and complete the Application for an Inactive Real Estate Sales Agent License.

The application won’t take too long to complete and consists mainly of filling in your personal data. Upon completion of the application, you’ll pay a $185 fee.

Step 3: Get fingerprinted for your background check.

Approximate cost: $40

You’ll need a background check to complete your Texas real estate license application. After submitting your application to the TREC, you should receive an ID number. Once you have received this number, you can schedule a fingerprinting appointment at one of the MorphoTrust locations throughout the state.

Your background check will cost about $40.

Step 4: Register for the Texas real estate license exam.

Approximate cost: $43

The idea of paying to take an exam may seem crazy to you. However, the real estate exam is another cost of a Texas real estate license.

The licensing exam includes both a national and state-specific section. The exam will take approximately 4 hours and includes 125 multiple-choice questions.

Before scheduling and paying for your exam, you must submit your pre-licensing course completion documents to the real estate commission. Once completed, visit the Pearson VUE’s website or call (800) 997-1248 to schedule your Texas real estate license exam. The exam costs $43.

Step 5: Study for the Texas real estate license exam.

At last! A step that doesn’t cost you money. Well, that’s only true if you purchased pre-licensing coursework that included exam prep materials. Otherwise, plan to buy these separately —those range in cost from $100 to $600. Colibri Real Estate also offers a variety of exam prep courses, materials and practice tests to help you pass your exam on the first try!

Step 6: Pass the real estate license exam.

There’s no additional cost for this step of the process. You already paid for your pre-licensing exam in step four!

However, if you fail your real estate exam, you must pay $43 to retake it. Unless that is, you purchased your pre-licensing coursework from a real estate school that offers a pass or don’t pay guarantee.

Step 7: Find a Texas real estate brokerage to hire you.

Yay! If you’ve made it to step seven, you are close to having your Texas real estate license. The last step is to find a job – or a sponsoring broker to oversee your work.

Cost of a Texas Real Estate License

Let’s quickly review how much it costs to get a real estate license in Texas.

  • 180 hours of pre-licensing classes-: $600 – $900
  • Texas Real Estate Commission application $185
  • Texas real estate exam $43
  • Fingerprinting fee/background check $40

Texas Real Estate License Cost: $868 – $1,168

What is the best way to get a real estate license in Texas?

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So, if you work with Colibri Real Estate School, your real estate license cost in Texas can be as low as $644 to $824.

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