Will There Be Fewer Real Estate Agents In the Future? (Plus More Weekend Links…)

Twice a month we source the best real estate links across the web for you to stay current on best practices and real estate news. Here’s the latest edition with a list of the most valuable content to read, watch and listen to — plus some ways you can take action today to advance your real estate career.

Read: Will there be fewer agents in the future of real estate?

When you start thinking about the way technology is advancing and the DIY nature of many processes today, it’s natural to wonder if there will still be a need for real estate agents five or ten years from now. That’s the question this article on Yahoo delves into, and the points in the article are worth considering. Will cryptocurrency change the very nature of transactions? Will agents evolve to offer services that aren’t all-encompassing? Read the article to see what some real estate professionals are thinking.

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Watch: How to find buyers for wholesaling real estate

If you want to get into real estate investing, wholesaling could be a good option that helps you learn how to invest with relatively less liability. A significant question for new investors is how to find buyers when you have a great deal. This video is loaded with tips for a new investor to run with when looking to get started. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 1:21 – Definition of a cash buyer
  • 2:12 – Search the MLS for cash closings
  • 4:50 – Search county records for contact information

Listen: “The Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing Podcast”

Did the above video get you interested in real estate investing? Good, because we found the treasure trove of real estate investing podcasts. The Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing Podcast has almost 300 episodes on real estate investing. This could keep you busy for a long time. The episodes don’t always focus squarely on investing; they talk about many aspects on the business of real estate including property management, how decision making works and how to find real estate deals online.

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