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Custom Real Estate Website, Top Markets for Investing, Haunted Houses, and More

We’ve got real estate news from around the Web, including the importance of having your own custom real estate website as an agent. Do you have a house that just isn’t selling? There is more than likely one reason for that: listing price. There is a sudden optimism among potential homebuyers. What’s fueling this change of heart? Looking to be a landlord but finding it tough to find the right properties? We’ve got a list of the top markets for buying an investment property. And in honor of Halloween: What do people think about living in a haunted house? The answer might surprise you.

Why a custom real estate website should be your number one marketing priority

If you’re in business, you need a website, and this is particularly true for real estate agents. An attractive, easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website is a necessity—especially for new agents. Find out more about using your site to gather leads—aka potential clients.

Why buyers won’t buy a particular home

Is your listing languishing on the market with no offers? When buyers aren’t biting, there is usually one reason: the price. Find out more about setting the appropriate list price on a property.

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Renters think the housing market is finally loosening up, fueling a sudden optimism among homebuyers

Housing confidence in September matched the high levels seen this past June as renters have turned optimistic suddenly, saying now is a good time to buy. What is behind this sudden change in perception?

Want to be a landlord? These are the top markets this fall for investing in rental homes

Finding a place to live in is tough enough these days. If you are looking to become a landlord, the national picture being painted is a rather bleak one. There is a respite, however. Here are some markets where potential investors can still find lucrative options.

58% of people would live with a ghost

With Halloween just around the corner, haunted houses are a popular attraction. But what about your latest listing? Does it come with ghosts and spirits? It turns out, that might actually be a selling point for most people.