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Build a Real Estate Business, Number of Homebuyers Drops, Tax Cuts and Home Values, and More

A story on how to build a real estate business like an entrepreneur tops our list of news articles this week. Also covered are the drop in the number of homebuyers as home affordability continues to decrease, the president’s first draft on tax cuts and what that might mean for the reason estate market, and the remarkable differences—or perhaps we should say similarities—between Millennials and older generations. We wrap things up with what you should recommend to buyers who want to sweeten their offers in this tight real estate market.

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How to build a real estate business like an entrepreneur

Are you using entrepreneurial thinking while building your real estate business? If not, you might be missing out on opportunities. Here’s how one creative businessman is building an empire.

Too few listings pinch real estate in March; pending home sales slip 0.8%

As home affordability drops so has the number of house hunters. The National Association of REALTORS® reports pending home sales were just 0.8 percent higher this year than in March 2016.

What President Trump’s tax proposal means for the housing market and the value of your home

The president has released a first draft one-pager detailing his proposed tax-cut plan. Adhering to promises made on the campaign trail, experts predict how these cuts could impact the housing market.

Here’s the real difference between Millennials and older generations

Discussions about a generation gap have been going on for decades, but the Millennial generation has been taking a lot of the heat lately. Trulia has conducted a new study, comparing young adults from ages 28 to 32 to older adults ages 33 to 55—and the results are surprising. Are Millennials that different from the generations that have come before them?

Home inspection: yes; escalation clause: maybe

It’s tough for buyers these days; too few homes for sale and too many offers on those that are available. Should your clients dump the home inspection clause? What about including an escalation clause? Here are some recommendations you can share with clients.

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