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Best Places to Live, Risk Transferring Title, Relevance of Tablets, Harvey Hits Mortgages, and More

Starting our line-up of real estate news this week is an article on best places to live for community pride. Where does your city rank—and how might this impact your real estate career? Need a refresher course on the type of ownership? We’ve got it. If you’re still using a tablet, you might be among a dwindling number of real estate agents. The unprecedented devastation in Texas after Hurricane Harvey has everyone in the country rallying to help—and that includes the powers that be in the housing market. Finally, five rules to follow when you’re new to real estate.

The best places to live for community pride

You may want to consider community pride in your city as an indicator of your chances for a successful real estate career there. Where across the country do people most want to put down roots? Read here.

There is a risk of transferring title of your home

Here’s a refresher course on the four ways in which title can be held. And when is it a good idea to change ownership of a property?

Are tablets still a good business tool?

A while back, most real estate agents were opting to do much of their work on tablets, citing the larger screens as the reason. But as phones get bigger and bigger, is the tablet even necessary anymore?  Agents in this article weigh in on whether size matters.

Harvey hits mortgages as flood-stricken homeowners are unlikely to pay

The situation is dire in Texas, where those in the Houston area have been hard hit with flooding because of Hurricane Harvey. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration are extending a 90-day offer of forbearance to borrowers in the area.

5 red hot tips for the green agent

Real estate agent income continues to rise, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors®, which signals the entrée of many new agents into the business. If you’re brand new to real estate, here are five rules to by which to serve your customers.

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