15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Real Estate Industry (Plus Other Links)

Twice a month we bring you the latest and greatest links from around the internet that we think will help your real estate career. Here’s this month’s edition.

Read: Learn how to make your listing descriptions shine

Writing real estate listing descriptions can be difficult. Especially if you have to do it often and even more so if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

To help you hit all the targets that a good real estate listing should have, we’ve put together this handy guide. We lay out all the important sections of a listing description and then give you some examples on what a weak listing description looks like versus a strong one.

Another thing — you know those pesky headlines you’re probably often stumped on? We found a helpful tool to help you assess how strong your headline is. You’re welcome!

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Watch: 15 things you didn’t know about the real estate industry

This website bills itself as “the place future billionaires go to get informed.” While that might be a bold claim, their video about real estate secrets is garnering a lot of views and it had us wondering “are there 15 things about the real estate industry we don’t know?”

The answer is: yes. If you want to know a lot of impressive real estate facts or test your real estate knowledge, this 12-minute video is absolutely worth your time.

Who’s America’s richest real estate tycoon? What was the most expensive real estate deal in the world? See, bet you don’t know the answers to those questions off the top of your head. But, you will after watching this video. So take a little break from your day and test your real estate knowledge.

Listen: Listing Agent Lifestyle Podcast

Looking for your next real estate podcast? Try out the Listing Agent Lifestyle. It has practical, actionable content for listing agents. It’s not full of fluff. The podcast focuses a lot of episodes on what steps you can be taking right now to reach a six-figure income, but in a helpful way — not obnoxiously like some other resources out there.

Another great aspect — they interview many real-life listing agents. They find people from all stages of their careers so whether you’re just trying to build a solid foundation or aiming to fine-tune your business you’ll probably find a guest who knows what you’re going through.

The only criticism is that the podcast doesn’t feature many women as headlining guests. However, Wendy Bell, who is a broker with Keller Williams at an office with 160 agents, is featured in episode 34. They focus particularly on taking a different philosophical approach to getting listings. Give it a listen!

Follow: “Actionable Marketer” Heidi Cohen

If you’re looking for interesting marketing techniques, we recommend following Heidi Cohen on Twitter. She’s made a name for herself sharing practical digital marketing advice. She can guide you with basics like creating an editorial calendar for your blogs or more detailed decisions, like how far you should tread into the multimedia waters.

Bonus — she has a newsletter you can sign up for if you’re particularly interested in her work. It’s called the Actionable Marketing Guide.

Act: Thanksgiving is on the horizon

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving as a real estate company? Now’s the time to show your clients and prospects that you’re thankful for their business and community. If you plan to do any mail outs for Thanksgiving you’ll want to pop them in the mail this week. Otherwise, time to brainstorm other creative ways you can let your clients know you care.

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