Spotlight on Success: How to Find Quality Real Estate Leads

“Lead generation is half of the job of any real estate agent,” says national real estate coach Sherri Johnson. So many agents want to know, “How do I get leads?” We sat down with Sherri to get her expert advice on how to find quality real estate leads, and how to convert those leads once you have them. Click the video below to watch this helpful interview.

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Key Takeaways

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are a few key takeaways so that you can get the gist (although you will get the most information and value from watching the full interview).

#1: Contact your sphere

One way to generate quality leads is by “contacting your sphere and letting them know that you are taking new listings,” says Sherri. “Connect with them, have a conversation with them, ask them how they’re doing.” Realize that you may have to make a lot of calls before you actually get results.

#2: Call expired listings

The expired listing “is the most qualified lead that exists,” Johnson asserts, “because we know they wanted to sell their home.” It’s also a free lead because it’s in your MLS. So how do you reach out to expired listings and convert them?

“The easiest way to convert them is to say, ‘I saw your home was on the market previously, and I’m calling to see if you’re still interested in selling,'” Sherri advises. And when they explain that they decided to take it off the market, you can say, “‘That must have been very disappointing that it didn’t sell. However, we’re selling houses at my company, I’m selling a lot of homes, and home values have gone up since you’ve been listed. I have a creative, proven market strategy that will get great results for you.'”

#3: Go after listings in competitive neighborhoods

If you’re working with buyers and there’s nothing on the market, or the neighborhood they’re seeking is very competitive, Sherri says, “Why not just go after that neighborhood with a letter or postcard that says ‘I’m working with a pre-approved buyer for your neighborhood’? You will generate more than one lead from doing that.”

Don’t have a buyer? No problem. “Go after a neighborhood that’s in high demand right now with that same message,” Johnson advises. “‘We have buyers looking to live in this neighborhood. If you’re thinking about making a move in the next 6-12 months, give me a call.'”

#4: Make ten phone calls right now

Pick up the phone right now and make ten calls, Sherri urges. If even one of those ten phone calls produces an active buyer or listing for you, that could result in $5,000-20,000. It’s helpful to keep that in mind as you make the calls, she says. “You have to tell yourself, I’m going to get to the yes.” So get out your pipeline of potential buyers and sellers, she says. “Look at your pipeline and realize, there’s fortune in the follow-up.

Quality real estate leads can also come from past clients, social media, and For Sale By Owners, Sherri adds.

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