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Songs to Play at Your Next Open House

It’s no surprise that music makes a significant impact on our moods. Specific songs can excite fans before a big sporting event, relax people in stressful situations, or inspire people to dance, create — or even buy a home. In fact, in 2015, Australian researchers examined how music can influence buying decisions and actually found that the impact can be pretty apparent.

The study shows that music playing could influence something as simple as the meals that people select from menus or how much money to spend. These findings could also indicate that playing the right kind of music during your open house could improve your sales rate in real estate.

Best Tunes for Your Open House

When selecting the music for an upcoming open house, you need to think carefully about the house’s tone, the local real estate market, and the demographics of the buyers you want to reach. Consider the type of people who might show up to your open house. Are they young families or established, sophisticated empty nesters?

For example, if you’re showing a luxury family home, it’s best to use soft classical music rather than hard rock. In addition to looking for music that will appeal to your target home buyer, you also want to make sure you stay away from any music that might offend people. Most real estate agents found that instrumental tunes can create a calm atmosphere that will help keep everyone happy.

You have various options when looking for instrumental music or neutral music, such as Brazilian jazz or Billie Holiday. You can even look through existing playlists on platforms like Spotify to find out what other people have selected for real estate open houses to see if they help inspire your own musical selections.

Where to Play Your Tunes

In addition to curating the perfect playlist for your open house, you also want to consider where you play the music. If the homeowner has a surround-sound system, you can ask permission to use it during the open house. If not, hiding speakers in each room and throughout the home can help to create the desired effect.

Some real estate agents also find it helpful to play different tracks in different parts of the home. Keeping the volume low enough that the different tracks do not compete with each other can help to create an inviting effect as people move throughout the house.

However you set up the music player, remember that you do not want to turn up the volume too loudly. Keep it loud enough that people can easily hear it without straining, but not so loud that people have to shout over it or feel like it’s hindering conversation.